Our contracted services are flexible in order to accommodate individual company or industry needs. Our high quality service is provided at an all-inclusive fixed monthly fee for on-site clinics and a negotiated fee-for-service structure for mobile and off-site services. Service components for both contracted services or out Mobile Unit include the following:

  • Pre-employment medical examinations, enabling the correct placement of workers according to their physical and mental compatibility to job specifications.
  • Exit medical examinations recording the health status of workers on termination of service to prevent later litigation.
  • Periodic medical examinations

Employee health assessment and ongoing management including:

  • Health policy development
  • a medical surveillance programme and periodic medical examinations to monitor the health status of workers exposed to identified health hazards in the workplace
  • all medical surveillance examinations as laid down by occupational health legislation
  • other medical examinations required by individual companies, or required by law for specific industries
  • medical examinations and monitoring of employees conducted by registered specialist person
  • Compliance to all legislative and administrative requirements including industry specific compliance (such as mining healthcare services to meet the specific needs of the mining industry).
  • Laboratory testing of exposed employees according to the requirements of the Regulations for Hazardous Chemical Substances (Reg. 1179 of 28 August 1995) and other relevant legislation.

MobileMed makes it convenient and easy for smaller companies to provide professional and cost-effective on-site occupational healthcare to their employees. Although many companies do have on-site medical services they do not always have the necessary equipment to perform certain required screening tests, for example audiometric, lung function and vision screening.